Alexander COBB© Underwear –  Athletic/T-shirt

Nobody probably remembers their first pair of underwear. But everybody remembers the feeling they got when they wore Alexander COBB Underwear for the first time! Just like everybody vividly remembers that salty smell of the coast. When we think about the coast, the beach and the sea, we think about wild freedom. That’s exactly where we got out inspiration for Coastline, the latest in the Alexander COBB collection.

We believe that underwear creates more memories than any other piece of clothing. And that’s why we’ve put so much effort to bring you the boldest, most comfortable, 100% European design and made underwear. We want you to live your life with freedom and style – feeling confident, sexy and capable of everything you dream of. We hope our Coastline collection inspires and give you the courage to do anything you want. Just go for it.

Fall in love with the simple, yet special design, colors and patterns of Alexander COBB Coastline underwear collection. Your skin will surely fall in love with the best fabrics that enable your skin to breathe. Whether you’re more intosimple underwear like slips and trunks, love to wear monochrome underwear, bold colors and patterns, or bold designs like jockstraps – we have it all! Underwear that ensures great coverage and great support? Underwear that helps you to feel comfortable and confident? We have a design to suit you. You know what your underwear drawer needs – Alexander COBB Coastline underwear!

And who says fashion can not be active? Feel free to move. Get active with our Athletic/T-shirt Coastline range because no leisurewear follows your movements like Alexander COBB Athletic collection! Build a strong connection between your body and mind, and feel great while working out. Feel super comfortable in fabrics that help your skin breathe while you’re running by the sea, cycling through the fields, or working out at the gym. Thanks to perfectly made cut, lightweight and breathable mesh. Don’t sweat it, you know you look great!


Create sunny memories with the Alexander COBB Coastline swimwear collection.

Everybody wants swimwear that makes a statement. So choose wisely and choose swimwear that allows you to be aware of your body, no matter what. Especially while spending your time by the sea or by the pool. Get to your favorite beach and enjoy water activities knowing that you’re wearing swimwear with removable pack up. You know what it means – removable foam pouch provides comfort and increases volume of male attributes. And not to forget, it also helps with general impression while exiting the water!

Let your skin breathe with high-compression fabric that enables outstanding elasticity, optimal muscle compression, and exceptional transparency. Choose between monochrome, bold colors and attractive patterns. Or choose both! It’s up to you. But know that our swimwear is easy to dry, holds well, and is cut to for sports.

Stand out at the beach or at the pool with perfect, fashionable slips or trunks. Swim carefree knowing that your swimwear will keep its shape over a long period of time. You don’t have to worry about a thing. Just keep enjoying the feel of the water on your skin. You know who you are and you deserve to know you look great in our trendy swimwear.


Don’t forget – Alexander COBB©slip into your second skin.