Your protected privacy is first!

In everyday communication with our web site visitors we collect information so we can respond to your real needs, but always keeping in mind that your privacy comes first and must be fully protected.  Under no circumstances we will not share your information obtained through the data left on our websites or when purchasing our merchandise.  We fully respect the European law referring to electronic media, sales via the Internet and use of the Internet in general.

Your information that was given in a process of ordering or for any other reason (with the use of web contact form, signing up for a newsletter, and similar activities) is used exclusively for the purpose of following our purchase procedures or for accomplishing goals for another registration.  By approaching our website, you are not obligated to leave any personal information, which means that you approach official sites voluntarily.  All gathered information can be found on protected addresses; actually they are generated in the protected databases seen only by authorized persons.

With the information that you voluntarily leave via our web site, some information is gathered incidentally with the use of the Internet (your domain type, IP service provider, IP address, type of browser, etc.) due to an electronic approach and a way of communicating.  Be aware of our use of cookies, which actually represent a unique alphanumerical identification of your computer (they are sent from your computer to our computer), they provide information of your visit to our websites and you can find them stored to a hard disk of your computer.  Introduction of privacy conditions to you on our web sites, means your acceptance of these conditions.  All information gathered in such a way is used in the case of web site problems, so the problem would get identified easier to avoid similar problems from happening in the future.  This would also make our communication as successful as possible.

Related to purchases via our web shop, in order to secure the most protected purchase; our on-line store is created to function by accepting orders only from the side of the web browser accepting communication via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology.  In that way, there is an additional guarantee that all orders and sensible data from the purchase have secure encryption, and are protected in the best possible way, well known on the Internet.

Information that is gathered via the Internet could be used so that visitors and customers of are informed from time to time, and that in the same way electronically or in another way, are presented information about new products, promotional discounts, and other sale programs.  In case that in future you don’t want to receive such information, we ask you to let us know using our visible website at the end of the newsletter content or directly with e-mail to

If you have any complaints or you would like us to answer any additional questions related to privacy security, you can reach us via e-mail at’s conditions of privacy were last updated and put into function in September of 2013, and has right to change and/or add, with a public notice of these conditions on this website.