Alexander COBB underwear SS 2016 collection ALTER EGO

We are introducing to you, from the heart of Scandinavia, a new Alexander COBB© collection of men’s underwear. How to describe it with words? You will feel this collection best on your skin because Alexander COBB© underwear is your second skin. Perfect combination of materials, cotton and elastin, contemporary cuts, and no repetitive samples in limited editions. The design of the underwear and its prints is signed by the Scandinavian designer who holds many awards in his field, and prints are created especially for this occasion.

Slip, trunk, boxer short and boxer long cuts perfectly that fit every man’s body, vivid colors and discrete interventions in the shape of bordered finishes and strings in a number of colors, and the Alexander COBB© logo. Padded, created from top elastic material of the leading European manufacturer.

Our new theme Alter Ego, features different types of faces on prints in vivid colors. Full prints. Also we’ve introduced new size in our size chart XXL, so our customer that need larger sizes could be finally satisfied.

We are proud to highlight that Alexander COBB© is made from 100% European quality and is a product of the European Union,, from start to finish, from an idea to the final product, top clothing piece for which we are sure it will find a place in the closet of every contemporary man, from boyish to adult age, a trend follower, to the one who takes care of his body and feels good in his own skin.

Numerous certificates are testament to the material, and guarantee that the quality and its steadiness (colors, prints) surpass the price and are in accordance with all European and world’s standards (Certificate Oeko-Tex®, DNV Product Certificate Aqua and Fuoco, Limited Brands Silver Laboratory Certification , L.L. Bean Quality Testing Textile Fabrics,…).

Fragrance Underwear – The fragrance found in micro capsules spreads out and intensifies by rubbing, and it gives a new dimension to underwear. The fragrance lasts faithfully for up to 10 washes, and a certificate shows that it is not harmful for skin, and it doesn’t cause any allergic reactions.

Swimwear 2016

Inspired by the places where you can enjoy the most stunning sunsets in the world, Alexander COBB© was introduced to his audience for the second time with his collection of men’s swimwear in two variations: slip / trunks and boxers, following world’s trends and targeting men aware of their bodies, and those that like movement, enjoy water sports and recreational activities.

The top material quality from a leading European manufacturer is good reason to purchase any of the given models. Stay with monochrome models or reach out for some bolder colors – gray, blue, red, purple, silver, golden tones… Choose a string of the same color as the basic material or play with other models that are more vibrant holding decorative strings.

They are easy to dry, hold well, and its cut allows sport movements, speed in water, as well as in dry weather. The materials consists of ultraviolet protected factor 50+ (UPF 50+) which blocks 97.5% of ultraviolet sunrays, outstanding endurance for high temperatures, steadiness in color and quality, and resistance to sand and peeling.

When we are talking about swimwear collection, Alexander COBB© swimwear collection will sell padded support integrated in the products with lift up technology to improve men’s manhood.

The material used to make swimwear (Revolution Energy) is a fabric of high compression which enables outstanding elasticity, optimal muscle compression, and exceptional transparency. It influences the correct muscle maintenance, increase in effectiveness of movement and decrease in muscle fatigue. All these attributes create a perfect fabric for sporting and intensive activities in salted or chlorinated water. Thanks to the use of Xtra Life Lycra, clothing pieces keep its shape over a longer period of time.

Sexy, brave, but not crazy, fashionable and trendy, the Alexander COBB© swimwear is a part of your well deserved vacation with the sun and sea or pool, wellness prosperity, or your water sport activities.

Don’t forget - Alexander COBBslip into your second skin.